"I have always enjoyed learning about our history and the reasoning behind various traditions. Happiness for me is when I can take a break from everything going on around me and focus on learning, something I think many of us need to have in our lives."
Joanne Davis
"We’ve brought Torah study to my company and I would encourage anyone who has that ability to do this. It’s an exciting part of my life, and I think It’s important that the Cleveland community make learning Torah an essential part of our everyday lives."
David Heller
Jewish Federation Board Chair
"My advice to anyone interested in learning more about Judaism is to start small and take one step at a time. The key to doing anything and growing is to get started."
jeremy pomerantz
Jeremy Pomerantz
"Whether studying the weekly parsha, a page of Talmud, or an ethical question, it is always an enlightening, fascinating discussion that leaves me energized for the rest of the week.
Brad Schlang
"Learning Torah is so important because it connects people and it brings people together of all walks and stripes. It makes no difference what flavor of Judaism you believe in."
Rabbi Naphtali Burnstein
Young Israel of Greater Cleveland
"If we don't study, if we don't remember who we are and where we came from, and what it means to be Jewish, then we disappear as a people."
David Roth
"Each year, the month of Elul reminds me that it is time to reflect, reengage, and recommit. It reminds me to take stock of where I am today as an individual and where we are today as a community. We each need to consider where do we want to be and want our community to be in the new year. It is our collective reflections, learning and actions that drive Jewish Cleveland forward."
Erika Rudin-Luria
President of The Jewish Federation of Cleveland
"I make it a priority to set aside time to study Torah with a partner. When you are teaching someone else Torah, every word is going to carry on and maybe get taught to someone else. The amount that you can gain from that is tremendous."
Yosef Greenberger
"The messages we tell ourselves become our reality. When working on self-improvement speak to yourself as a soul, a holy spark of greatness. Own your struggles as gifts from a loving Creator who is pushing you to become the greatest version of your self and never doubt your ability to reach the highest of heights."
Mrs. Rochie Berkowitz
Principal of Chaviva High School for Girls
"The idea of learning about Judaism is to connect people so that we can learn from each other. It doesn't matter what point in your learning you're at, there are plenty of opportunities in Cleveland for everyone."
Jeremy Saham
"Imagine a relaxing hayride as you view the setting sun over the horizon. Every time the wheels beneath you rotate, it seems to move you closer to the beauty of the sun set. Similarly, our ups and downs in life, our many rotations, help us progress forward toward a beautiful future."
Rabbi Menachem Tenenbaum
Assistant Regional Director, Central East NCSY
"Shabbat is a day of discovery and observance; it’s a day to spend time with those who make you laugh the loudest and smile the widest. Many people feel the stresses of day to day life. I hope Shabbat becomes a real blessing for each and every one of them."
Rabbi Robert Nosanchuk
Senior Rabbi at Anshe Chesed Fairmount Temple
"One of my favorite connections during Elul is feeling the presence of Hashem more than any other time during the year. An example of this for me is hearing the shofar every day - it is a magical moment where I can literally hear G-d's call. When we start hearing the shofar in shul every day during Elul, all of my spiritual antennae completely perk up."
Ethan Weiss
"I absolutely love my job! I get to provide counseling for people who want to make changes in their lives and want to grow. With Torah wisdom, I encourage them to pay attention to their souls and also remind them about the benefits of self-care. Torah learning affords me the opportunity to pay attention to my soul, connect with others and grow. Learning Torah IS my self-care. It’s the secret to my happiness."
Heather Greene
"To me, the start of the school year represents unlimited opportunity. Because it is Elul, we have a fresh start, a chance to grow and do better than we have so far. What a gift that is from God! We don't always get the chance in life to take a step back, reflect, and strive to become our best selves. I feel that it is such a blessing!"
Rabbi Avery Joel
"Counting the Omer 49-Day Program for Change is something I look forward to doing every year and I have really loved the Elul challenge. These opportunities for daily learning are great tools I use to improve and to grow, and to love and appreciate my world. Modeh Ani… thank you Hashem for the gifts you have given me. and for another day of living life on purpose and not letting it just happen to me."
Marla Schlessel
"Torah learning is essential to our Jewish Community. When someone is committed to learning, they are committed to the future and sustainability of the Jewish People."
Rabbi Sruly Koval
Jewish Family Experience (JFX)
"Regular Torah study has changed my life. The more I learn the greater the thirst to learn more, understand more. But I struggle to find the best way to light the spark in others so that they can share in the joy of Torah learning. The daily learning during the month of Elul may just light that spark. It introduces so many easy to understand concepts of Judaism that many of us have overlooked for far too long. Start today; you’ll be happy you did!"
Bill Heller
Board Chair of Partners Cleveland
"The High Holy Days provide all members of the Jewish community the opportunity to gain a blank slate and recommit ourselves to bettering our lives. It allows us to build better relationships and work to make our lives more successful, pleasurable, and happy."
Ethan Dobres
"There is a famous quote from the movie Groundhog Day that I always recall during the month of Elul. “What would you do if you were stuck in one place and every day was exactly the same and nothing that you did mattered?” Elul provides us with the opportunity to move forward with our lives, to free us from the repetitive nature of the ordinary and strive to make the coming year a better and more improved one than the last."
Jay Leberman
Head of School at Joseph & Florence Mandel Jewish Day School
"Time often passes by so quickly in a whirlwind of personal and professional activity. The month of Elul offers that much needed opportunity for each of us to take pause and reflect as individuals and as a community. It is this contemplation that leads to true growth and contentment."
Abbie Levin
Senior Vice President of Operations, Jewish Federation of Cleveland
"Learning Torah is important because it’s the foundation of the Jewish religion and it is what keeps us together. It allows us to remember our past, implement it into the present and guarantees our future."
Sherrie Fleeter
"Torah gives each and every one of us the ability to take our raw potential and transform our beings into the likes we have never imagined! God tells each and every one of us “I made this world for you.” Take Your God-given gifts and the things that make you tick, the things that bring you joy, and turn My world into The Garden of Eden it was meant to be!"
Barrie Feld
Director of Women's Programming at Aish Cleveland
"Living in Cleveland and being a Moishe House Resident was a fantastic experience for me! I signed up with Partners Cleveland to study Torah with a friend and not only did it increase my Jewish knowledge, it brought me peace, clarity, and happiness. Now I am continuing my Jewish journey and studying in Jerusalem!"
Blair Gorenberg
"What a wonderful resource! The Elul Learning Challenge is made up of so many pieces of knowledge and guidance. It's a great way to start each day."
Amy Smith
"Learning Torah is the closest thing we have to a guarantee that we will continue to be part of the Jewish story."
Rabbi Pinchas Landis
Director of Partners Cleveland

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