This philosophy goes to the heart of every aspect of our lives in this earthly world. Creating loving and strong families is also a “walking” journey. Marriage is not an endpoint of the unchanging, perfect bliss of the wedding day. It is a “walking” relationship – changing, developing and deepening. In great marriages, husband and wife invest constant energy, passion, and thought to nurture and grow the love between them. They realise that on that journey they will make mistakes and stumble, but they are committed to marching forward and becoming stronger and more loving as the years pass. Parenting is also not a destination but rather a “walking” dynamic enterprise, as children are raised, educated and given the moral, spiritual, emotional and physical tools for life. It is a calling that never ends, and requires commitment and dedication through all its stages.

This philosophy of “walking” through life guides everything that we do, which would explain why Jewish law is called “Halacha,” from the root to walk. The Halacha is our guide to living an inspired dynamic existence; to living in such a way that all areas of our lives are in sync with God’s will, thereby refining, nurturing and allowing us to become people of all-round greatness. Earning a living as a conscientious employee or building a great business is a journey of effort and integrity, of hard work and ethics. Doing good deeds is a journey of compassion and care, of sensitivity and kindness.

Spirituality is a journey of connecting to God through prayer and good deeds in a forceful way, in which our faith and devotion deepens all the time. Happiness and succes are not elusive destinations that we seek to arrive at but, rather, evolving processes of living with meaning and self-knowledge, of giving to others and self-transcendence. In all our national and personal journeys the most important thing is to keep “walking” to fulfil our Divine purpose on earth.