Legacy of Pain: How Greed & Ego Lead Us Astray by Sara Rigler

The Netflix series “Painkiller” is the horrific story of how the notorious Jewish Sackler family engineered the opioid epidemic. It begins in Richard Sackler’s lavish mansion when he is awakened by the annoying beep of a smoke alarm. He searches throughout the many rooms of his mansion until he locates the offending alarm, then tries hard to silence it. The beep that bothers him is not the loud wail set off by fire and smoke, but the quiet signal that the battery in the smoke alarm is running low.

Mindset: The Difference Between Happiness and Joy by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

In her book, Mindset, Stanford University psychologist, Carol Dweck asks the question: why do some children seem to grow and flourish in school and in life, and others who may be more gifted somehow don’t reach their full potential? She proposes that you can divide children, and adults for that matter, into two types. Those with a fixed mindset, and those with a growth mindset.

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