Spiritual Survival Tools for Law Enforcement & Laymen by Rabbi Cary Friedman

Rabbi Cary Friedman, then a congregational rabbi in Linden, New Jersey, was delivering a eulogy at the request of a local funeral home. As the service concluded, a man approached him and introduced himself as a friend of the family who had come to pay his respects and also as a senior officer in the FBI. He asked Rabbi Friedman if he would be interested in teaching spirituality at the FBI Academy. Rabbi Friedman consulted with Rabbi Yehudah Parnes and accepted the job immediately. He then began an extensive training process at both the FBI and National Academies in Virginia. For months, he studied their training methods and spoke to hundreds of officers, while reading everything he could find on the psychology of law enforcement. His goal was to put together a curriculum, so that every police officer — regardless of religious belief — would have tools to prepare and strengthen him to handle the problems that would arise. This article is a summary of his curriculum, based on his book, Spiritual Survival for Law Enforcement, and its message is relevant to anyone seeking to be an agent of good and God in this world.

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