Warren Buffet’s Lessons on Value & Values by Rabbi Jon Gross and Debbie Gutfreund, MA

A good friend of Warren Buffett was having dinner with Warren and a dozen others right before the New Year. As they discussed different upcoming events and meetings, Mr. Buffett pulled out a small, personal planner for 2017. “Do you want to know what I have in my daily planner?” Everyone at the table leaned forward, eager to see what was in the planner. He held the planner up and showed them blank page after blank page. “I have nothing planned. Nothing. I need all the time I have to learn and think.”

A World of Value & Values: The Judeo-Christian Roots of Social Welfare by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

An impressive study by Harvard political philosopher, Eric Nelson, has shown that it was the Hebrew Bible, as read by the Christian Hebraists in the 16th and 17th centuries, that was the source of the idea that today we take for granted. Namely, that it is the business of a society to engage in the redistribution of wealth through taxation to ensure the welfare of the poor. 

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