Jew In The City: Anger and Jewish Values by Allison Josephs

There’s war, there’s inflation, there’s a pandemic that won’t quite quit, but the news of the day is Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars last night for making fun of Smith’s wife’s baldness due to her alopecia. Lots of people are sounding off today, mostly on the side of violence is never the answer,” but for a community that is so judgmental of Judaism, that makes us always look bad and backwards, I think Hollywood could use some Jewish wisdom to deal with the slap heard round the world.

Anger Management by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

There are some, say the Talmud, who acquire their world in an hour and others who lose it in an hour. No example of the latter is more arresting and bewildering than the famous episode in this week’s parsha. The people have asked for water. God tells Moses to take a staff and speak to the rock and water will appear. This then follows:

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