Our Sages explain that prior to Adam and Eve’s sin, when the entire world was fulfilling God’s wishes, the physicality of the world didn’t hide God, but rather loudly proclaimed His existence. The human body didn’t obscure the elevated soul inside, but was a shrine to that soul. When Adam looked at Eve, her body was like a translucent casing, showcasing the beautiful soul within. There was no reason to be ashamed of the body, and Adam and Eve felt no compunctions about being naked. After they ate from the Tree of Knowledge, Adam and Eve were ashamed of their naked bodies, because now their bodies hid their souls. Any onlooker would see only the physical shell, not the real essence of the human being that lay beneath the surface. 

A person who identifies himself with his soul will take good care of his body to keep it safe and healthy, but he will keep his main focus on nourishing his soul. A person who sees himself as being a soul, someone who has a body just for the duration of his stay on this planet, will tend to view other people as essentially being souls also. This will raise his view of others. He will automatically treat others with greater respect.

The more you see yourself as a soul with a body, the higher your self-image will be.

Today, be mindful of who you really are. Tell yourself, “I am a soul who is living in this world within my body.”

When you don’t know what to do, ask yourself, “What course of action would my soul want me to choose?”