A Tiktok Executive Overcomes Anxiety With Jewish Wisdom by Judy Gruen

Michal Oshman is a former commanding officer in the Israeli Defense Forces. She holds masters’ degrees in organizational sociology and psychodynamics. She has held leadership positions at companies such as eBay, WPP, and Facebook. She is currently the European culture lead at TikTok. Despite these achievements, for most of her life Oshman was consumed by severe anxiety and riddled with fears. Numerous years of therapy only made things worse. Every therapist insisted that she still had “unfinished business” with her parents and a painful past. 

Seeking Wisdom Through Learning: The Three Crowns of Leadership by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

The concept of balance of powers is a fundamental principle in Judaism. The Torah teaches us that power, in the human arena, is to be divided and distributed, not concentrated in a single person or office. In biblical Israel, there were Kings, Priests and Prophets. Kings had secular or governmental power. Priests were the leaders in the religious domain, presiding over the service in the Temple and other rites, and giving rulings on matters to do with holiness and purity. Prophets were mandated by God to be critical of the corruptions of power and to recall the people to their religious vocation whenever they drifted from it.

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