Parshat Shoftim by Rabbi Shraga Simmons

Every person has one thing that he is living for. Let’s call it a “personal bottom line.” For some it is money, for others prestige, for others pursuit of pleasure. Now let’s imagine that you’re faced with a situation where you are about to lose everything –

Suffering is Optional by Rabbi Kalman Packouz

I once visited the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC. What impacted me most was a video interview. An old man told of finding his friend davening (praying) one day. “Chaim, what are you praying?”

Acquiring Faith by Rebbetzin Feige Twerski

A young man, a congregant of our synagogue stood spellbound as he watched my brother-in-law Rabbi Shloime, of blessed memory, totally absorbed in and transported by the experience of prayer.

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